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Front Row Music

Item Media Artist Title Musicians/Instruments
4901 CD
The Jelly Roll Kings Rockin' the Juke Joint Down
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Frank Frost: Organ/Harmonica, Sam Carr: Drums, Big Jack Johnson: Guitar
4902 LP(DJ)
Sunnyland Slim, Honeyboy Edwards, Walter Horton, Floyd Jones, Kansas City Red Old Friends Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar/Vocals, Sunnyland Slim: Piano/Vocals, Walter Horton: Harmonica/Vocals, Floyd Jones: Bass/Guitar/Vocals, Kansas City Red: Drums/Vocals
4903 CS
Tiny Irvin You Don't Know What Love Is
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4904 LP Jim Brewer Tough Luck Jim Brewer: Guitar/Vocals
4905 CS
Carl Arter Song From Far Away
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4906 CS
Jackie Torrence Mountain Magic - Jack Tales I
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4907 CS
Jackie Torrence Mountain Magic - Jack Tales II
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4908 CS
Jackie Torrence Tales for Scary Times
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4909 CS
Jackie Torrence Country Characters
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4910 LP
Big Jack Johnson The Oil Man
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Big Jack Johnson: Guitar/Vocals, Frank Frost: Piano, Earnest Roy: Guitar, Walter Roy: Drums
4911 CS
The Gospel Trumpets Let the Spirit Move In Me
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4912 CS
Bobby Norfolk Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears?
4913 CS
Alice McGill Flying Africans
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4914 LP
Frank Frost Midnight Prowler
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Frank Frost: Organ/Harmonica/Vocals, Big Jack Johnson: Guitar/Vocals, Sam Carr: Drums/Vocals, John Primer: Rhythm Guitar
4915 LP
Sunnyland Slim Be Careful How You Vote
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Sunnyland Slim: Vocals/Piano, Hubert Sumlin: Guitar, Robert Stroger: Bass, Fred Grady: Drums, Eddie Taylor: Guitar, Magic Slim: Guitar, Lurrie Bell: Guitar, Chico Chism: Drums, Eddie Lusk: Organ, Sam Burkhardt: Tenor Saxophone, John Riley: Bass, Hasson Miah: Drums, Beau Biley: Trombone, Nick Holt: Bass, Mickey Martin: Drums
4916 LP
Big Jack Johnson Daddy, When Is Mama Comin Home?
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Big Jack Johnson: Vocals/Guitar, Aron Burton: Bass, Larry Burton: Rhythm Guitar, Vince Willis: Keyboard/Piano, Earl Howell: Drums, Elmer Brown: Trumpet, Hank Ford: Tenor Saxophone, Bill McFarland: Trombone
4917 CS
Bobby Norfolk Norfolk-Tales
4918 LP
Little Brother Montgomery At Home
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Little Brother Montgomery: Vocals/Piano, Charles "Truck" Parham: Upright Bass, James Herndon: Drums, Tollie "Duke" Montgomery: Piano, Theodore "Red" Saunders: Drums, Roy Slaughter: Drums, Edith Wilson: Vocals, Jan Montgomery: Vocals
4919 CD
Louis Myers Tell My Story Movin'
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Louis Myers: Vocals/Harmonica/Guitar, Sam Burton: Drums, Steve Freund: Guitar, "Barrelhouse" Chuck Goering: Piano, John Primer: Guitar, Robert Stroger: Bass
4920 CD
Jimmy Dawkins kant sheck dees bluze
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Jimmy Dawkins: Vocals/Guitar, "Professor" Eddie Lusk: Piano/Organ, Johnny B. Gayden: Bass, Billy Flynn: Guitar, Ray Scott: Drums, Nora Jean Wallace: Vocals
4921 CS
Bobby Norfolk Storyteller In A Groove
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4922 CD
Honeyboy Edwards Delta Bluesman
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Honeyboy Edwards: Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica, Kansas City Red: Drums, Floyd Jones: Guitar, Carey Bell: Harmonica, Sunnyland Slim: Piano, Aron Burton: Bass, Robert Plunkett: Drums
4923 CD
Lester Davenport When the Blues Hit You
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Lester Davenport: Harmonica/Vocals, Sunnyland Slim: Piano, John Primer: Guitar, Willie Davis: Guitar, Robert Stroger: Bass, Robert Covington: Drums
4924 CD
John Primer Stuff You Got To Watch
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John Primer: Guitar/Vocals, Eddie Butler: Guitar, Nick Holt: Bass, Carl Snyder: Keyboard, Michael Scott: Drums, Mervyn "Harmonica" Hinds: Harmonica
4925 CS
Laura Simms
Making Peace - Heart Uprising
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4926 CD
H-Bomb Ferguson Wiggin' Out
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H-Bomb Ferguson: Vocals/Piano, Keenath Malachi Williams: Drums, Marty Charters: Guitar, Eric Neuhausser: Saxophone, John Smith: Bass, Matthew Skoller: Harmonica
4927 CD
Aron Burton Past, Present & Future
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Aron Burton: Bass/Vocals, Kenn Lending: Guitar, Frank Larsen: Drums, Kjeld Lauitsen: Organ, Jorgen Lang: Harmonica, Champion Jack Dupree: Piano, Benno Rupp: Guitar, Norman Marogg: Guitar, Rene Mehrmann: Bass, Christian Willison: Drums, Ordy Somchai Sihaampai: Drums, Chicago Sessions - Larry Burton: Lead Guitar, Tino Cortes: Drums, Pat Hall: Keyboards
4928 CD
Lovie Lee Good Candy
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Eddie "Lovie Lee" Watson: Piano/Vocals, Lurrie Bell: Guitar, Carey Bell: Harmonica, Douglas Watson: Bass, Odie Payne: Drums, Jimmy Bauma: Saxophone, Earl Howell: Drums, Eddie Taylor: Guitar, Vance Kelly: Guitar, Jessie Lee Clay: Drums, Boney Fields: Trumpet, Garrick Patten: Saxophone, Lee Johnson: Bass, Joe Poston: Drums, Steve Bell: Harmonica, Willie Young: Saxophone
4929 CD
Homesick James Goin' Back In The Times
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Homesick James: Guitar/Vocals, Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar

4930 CD Little Willie Anderson Swinging The Blues
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Willie Anderson: Harmonica/Vocals, Robert Jr. Lockwood: Guitar, Sammy Lawhorn: Guitar, Jimmy Lee Robinson: Guitar/Bass, Willie Black: Bass, Fred Below: Drums, Pete Haskin: Saxophone
4931 CD Big Leon Brooks Let's Go To Town
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Big Leon Brooks: Harmonica/Vocals, Louis Myers: Guitar, Junior Pettis: Guitar, Luther "Guitar" Johnson: Guitar, Eddie Taylor: Guitar, Pinetop Perkins: Piano, Moose Walker: Piano, Robert Stroger: Bass, Freddie Dixon: Bass, Odie Payne: Drums
4932 CD Louisiana Red Sittin Here Wonderin
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Louisiana Red: Guitar/Vocals

4933 CD Various Artists 16th Anniversary Sampler
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Various Artists from the Earwig Catalog

4934 CS
Pinetop Perkins Pinetop Perkins w/Chicago Beau and the Blue Ice Band
4935 CD Aron Burton Live
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Aron Burton: Bass/Vocals, Michael Dotson: Guitar, Allen Batts: Piano, Kenny Smith: Drums, Lester Davenport: Harmonica, Liz Mandville Greeson: Vocals
4936 CD Lil Ed and Dave Weld Keep on Walkin'
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Lil Ed Williams: Vocals/Guitar, Dave Weld: Vocals/Guitar, Bernard Reed: Bass, Jeff Taylor: Drums, Jshtmler Buchanan: Piano/Organ, Darryl Mahon: Drums, Leo Davis: Piano/Organ, Andrew Bird: Violin
4937 CD Johnny Yard Dog Jones Ain't Gonna Worry
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Johnny Yard Dog Jones: Harmonica/Guitar/Vocals, Johnny B. Moore: Guitar, Bernard Reed: Bass, Kenny Smith: Drums, Detroit Junior Emery Williams: Piano
4938 CD Liz Mandville Greeson Look at Me
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Liz Mandville Greeson: Vocals/Guitar, Aron Burton: Bass, Allen Batts: Piano, Michael Dotson: Guitar, Dave Jefferson: Drums, Phil Baron: Piano, Willie Phillips: Guitar, Vice Salerno: Saxophone, Mike McCurdy: Bass, Kelly Littleton: Drums, Bob Carter: Drums, John Bowes: Saxophone, Michael McLaughlin: Trumpet, Bruce Thompson and the Black Roses: Background Vocals,
4939 CD Big Jack Johnson Live In Chicago
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Big Jack Johnson: Guitar/Vocals, Aron Burton: Bass, Allen Batts: Piano, Michael Dotson: Guitar, Kenny Smith: Drums, Tino Cortes: Drums, Lester Davenport: Harmonica
4940 CD David Honeyboy Edwards The World Don't Owe Me Nothing
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Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar/Vocals, Carey Bell: Harmonica, Rick Sherry: Harmonica/Washboard
4941 CD Lil Ed Williams & Willie Kent Who's Been Talking
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Lil Ed Williams: Guitar/Vocals, Willie Kent: Bass/Vocals, Eddie C. Campbell: Guitar, Allen Batts: Piano/Organ, Baldhead Pete Williams: Drums
4942 CD Sunnyland Slim She Got A Thing Goin' On
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Sunnyland Slim: Piano/Vocals, Bonnie Lee: Vocals, Big Time Sarah: Vocals, Zora Young: Vocals, Byther Smith: Guitar, Alan Hightman: Guitar, Sam Lay: Drums, Tom Patterson: Bass, Mark Brumbach: Harmonica, Eddie Taylor: Guitar, Hubert Sumlin: Guitar, Mack Simmons: Harmonica, Odell Campbell: Bass, Willie Williams: Drums, Lurrie Bell: Guitar, John Riley: Bass, Hasson Miah: Drums, Beau Biley: Trombone, Magic Slim: Guitar, Nick Holt: Bass, Mickey Martin: Drums, Robert Stroger: Bass, Fred Grady: Drums, Sam Burkhardt: Saxophone, Kansas City Red: Drums, Floyd Jones: Bass, Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar
4943 CD Louisiana Red Millennium Blues
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Lousiana Red: Guitar/Vocals, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: Harmonica, Willie Kent: Bass, Allen Batts: Piano, Dave Jefferson: Drums, Brian Bisesi: Guitar
4944 CD Johnny Drummer It's So Nice
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Johnny Drummer: Keyboard/Harmonica/Vocals, Jimmy Johnson: Guitar, Jim Simms: Guitar/Keyboards, Rick Hall: Guitar, Willie Townes: Electronic Keyboard Programming, Mae Coen: Vocals, Diane Madison: Vocals, Theresa Davis: Vocals, Nanette Frank: Vocals
4945 CD Liz Mandville Greeson Ready To Cheat
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Liz Mandville Greeson: Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar, Dave Jefferson: Drums, Ricky Nelson: Drums, Dave Kaye: Bass, Phil Baron: Piano/Organ, Allen Batts: Piano/Organ, Mike Gibb: Guitar, Chris Winter: Guitar, Michael Dotson: Guitar, Charles Crane: Guitar, Ron Sorin: Harmonica, Bruce Thompson: Background Vocals, Del Brown: Background Vocals, Jimmy Burns: Background Vocals, Johnny Drummer: Background Vocals, Bruce Thompson: Background Vocals, Bill McFarland: Horn Arrangements/Trombone, Willie Henderson: Baritone Saxophone, Phil Perkins: Trumpet, Paul Howard: Trumpet
4946 CD Various Artists Earwig 20th Anniversary Collection (2 CDs for the price of one)
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Various Artists from the Earwig Catalog

4947 CD Louisiana Red Driftin'
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Louisiana Red: solo guitar/lead guitar/vocals Allen Batts: piano Brian Bisesi: rhythm and lead guitar Willie Kent: bass Willie "Big Eyes" Smith : Harmonica; Michael Frank: harmonica
4948 CD Johnny Drummer Unleaded Blues
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Johnny Drummer: piano/ Lead vocals Allen Batts: piano Felton Crews: bass Dave Jefferson: drums Luther "Slim" Adams: lead guitar/ rhythm guitar Chuck Kramer: rhythm guitar/lead guitar Anthony Palmer: lead guitar Liz Mandville Greeson: vocals Bruce Thompson & Michelle Thompson: backup vocals Calvin "Kadakie" Tucker: congas
4949 CD Liz Mandville Greeson Back in Love Again
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Liz Mandville Greeson: vocals/ background vocals/washboard/acoustic guitar Phil Baron: piano/Hammond B-3 Allen Batts: piano Billy Branch: harmonica Tom Culver: cello Mike Gibb: lead guitar/Hammond B-3 Dave Kaye: bass Sonny Seals: tenor saxophone Twist Turn: drums Mark Wydra: lead guitar Hank Ford: tenor saxophone; Bill McFarland: trombone; Kenny Anderson: trumpet Bruce Thompson, Ann Bridges, Del Brown, Precious Jewel: background vocals
4950 CD Rob Stone & the C-Notes Just My Luck
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Rob Stone: Vocals/ harmonica, Chris James/ Dave Meyers/ Minoru Maruyama/ Jeff Stone: Guitar, Patrick Rynn: Fender & Upright Bass, Sam Lay/ Eddie Kobek/ Rob Lorenz: Drums, Jonathan Doyle: Tenor Saxophone, Donny Nichilo: Piano
4951 CD Johnny Drummer Rockin' In The Juke Joint
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Johnny Drummer: vocals/ harmonica/ keyboards
Alvin "Al Guitar" Short: Lead Guitar
Charles Krane/Walter Scott: Rhythm Guitar
Danny O'Connor/Kenny Hampton: Bass Guitar
Kenny Barker: Piano & Organ
Diane Madison/ Theresa Davis/ Kay Reed: Background Vocals
4952 CD Dennis Binder Hole In That Jug
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Dennis Binder: Vocals, Piano
James Wheeler/Chris James: Guitar
Patrick Rynn: Bass
Rodney Brown: Saxophone
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith: Drums
Diane Madison/ Theresa Davis/ Kay Reed: Background Vocals

Musicians on Tracks 7 & 9
Dennis Binder: Vocals, Piano, Bass
A.C. Reed: Tenor Saxophone
Vincent "Guitar Red" Duling: Guitar
Bob Prindell: Drums
4953 CD Honeyboy Edwards Roamin' and Ramblin
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Honeyboy Edwards: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Bobby Rush: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Billy Branch: Harmonica
Walter Horton: Harmonica

Sugar Blue: Harmonica
Johnny "Yard Dog" Jones: Harmonica
Paul Kaye: Guitar
Rick Sherry: Washboard
Michael Frank: Harmonica
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith: Drums
4954 CD
Liz Mandeville Red Top

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Liz Mandeville: Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar (4,8,9), Fratois (1,4,8,9,14)
Eddie Shaw: Tenor Sax (11, 14)
Luke Pytel: Guitar (1,3,4,7,8,9,13,14)
Mark Wydra: Guitar (6,10,11,15)
Michael Dotson: Guitar (5)
Andre Howard: Bass 1,3,4,7,8,9,13,14)
Dave Kaye: Bass (2,5,6,10,11,15)
Allen Batts: Piano (2,6,10,11,15) Hammond B-3 Organ (5)
Rodney Brown: Tenor Sax (1,4,8,9,14 - Solo on 8)
Peter Bartels: Trumpet (1,4,8,9,14)
Johnny Showtime: Trombone (1,4,8,9,14)
Janet Cramer: Drums, Congas (1,3,4,7,8,9,13,14 - Solo on 4)
Twist Turner: Drums (2,6,10,11,15)
Ricky Nelson: Drums (5)
Jim Godsey: Percussion (3)
Black Roses Gospel Choir: Background Vocals (5) - Bruce Thompson, Director - Previous Jewel, Soprano - Teela Owens, Alto
4955 CD
Travis "Moonchild" Haddix Daylight At Midnight

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Travis Haddix: Vocals &  Solo Guitar
Greg Nicholson/Ray Deforest: Bass Guitar
Mike Calhoun/Bob Frank: Lead Guitar
Gil Zachary: Keyboards
Jeremy Sullivan: Drums
Robert "Red Top" Young: Hammond B3
Bob Frank: Harmonica
Jeff Hager: Trumpet, All Horn Arrangements, Music Director
David Ruffin: Tenor Sax
Gus Hawkins: Alto Sax
T.J. Fortunato: Baritone Sax
4956 CD
Scott Ellison  Ice Storm

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Scott Ellison: Lead Vocals, Guitars (1,5,8,9,11), Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass (10)
Rick Robbins: Electric Guitar (9)
Ron Getman: Acoustic Guitar (6)
Armando Compean: Bass (1,2,3,4,7,8)
Casey Van Beek: Bass (6,9)
Tex Wagonor: Upright Bass (11)
Steve Crane: Bass (12)
Rick Scholossier: Drums (1,2,3,4,5,7,8)
Chuck Blackwell: Drums & Shakers (6)
Rick Heck: Drums (6,9)
Jimmy Karstein: Drums (10)
Bill Belknap: Drums (11)
Kai Ballard: Drums (12)
Tom Canning: Hammond B-3 (1,2,4,5,7,8)
Dick Sims: Hammond B-3 & piano (9)
Ronny Floyd: Hammond B-3 & piano (12)
Larry Bell: Piano (3)
Rocky Frisco: Piano (10)
Spencer Sutton: Piano (11)
Terry Lupton: Keyboard Sampling (2)
Don Colopy: Trumpet (11)
Keith Cooper: Trombone (11)
Curt Limburger: Saxophone (11)
Vine Street Horns: (2, 7)
Dukes of Soul Horns: (12)
Preston Smith: Harmonica (4)
Background Vocals - Bobbi Davis (2) Scott Ellison (6) Linda Jackson (2,5,8) Terry Lupton (1,5) Linda Smith (4) Max Wisley (6)
4957 CD
Chris James & Patrick Rynn Stop And Think About It

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Chris James: Vocals & Guitar
Patrick Rynn: Bass, 2nd vocal (10)
Bob Corritore: Harmonica (1,3,5,7,10)
Johnny Rapp: 2nd guitar (1,3,10)
Jeff Stone: 2nd guitar (7)
Julien Brunetaud: Piano (1,4,5,6,9,10)
David Maxwell: Piano (2,7,11,12)
Fabrice Bessouat: Drums (1, 10)
Sam Lay: Drums (2,3,7,11,12)
Eddie Kobek: Drums (4,5,6,9)
Willie Hayes: Drums (8)
Jonny Viau: Tenor Sax (2, 11,12)
Allen Ortiz: Tenor Sax (2,11,12)
Carla Brownlee: Tenor Sax (4), Baritone Sax (9)
Rob Stone: Maracas (8)
4958 CD Les Copeland Don't Let The Devil In

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Les Copeland: Vocals, lead and rhythm Guitar
David Honeyboy Edwards: 2nd guitar (7 & 10)
Michael Frank: Harmonica (3, 6, 14)
4959 CD Andy Cohen Built Right On The Ground

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Andy Cohen: Vocals and guitar, piano (4, 6), dolceola (6)
Larkin Bryant: Vocals (15), mandolin (10, 15)
Kurt Anderson: Lead vocals (7), 2nd guitar (10)
4960 CD Chris James and Patrick Rynn Gonna Boogie Anyway

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Chris James: Vocals, lead guitar
Patrick Rynn: Bass (electric & upright)
David Maxwell: Piano (1, 2, 3, 9, 10)
Henry Gray: Piano (4, 5, 7, 8, 12)
Sam Lay: Drums (1, 10)
Eddie Kobek: Drums (4, 5, 7, 8, 12)
Willie Hayes: Drums (2)
Jeff Stone: Guitar (1, 4, 5, 7)
Johnny Viau: Saxophone (1, 4, 8, 10)
Allen Ortiz: Saxophone (1, 4, 8)
Rob Stone: Maracas (2), Harmonica (9)
Bob Corritore: Harmonica (5)
4961 CD Rob Stone Back Around Here

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Rob Stone: Vocals (all except 10), Harmonica (1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12)
Chris James: Guitar (all except 8 & 11)
Patrick Rynn: Bass (all tracks)
David Maxwell: Piano (all except 3, 5, 7)
Aaron Moore: Piano (3, 7)
Willie Hayes: Drums (1, 2, 6, 9)
Sam Lay: Drums (4, 10, 11, 12)
Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith: Drums (3, 5, 7)
Rodney Brown: Tenor sax (2, 6, 9)
John Bowes: Baritone sax (2, 6, 9)
Michael Weisman: Guitar (9)
Jeff Stone: Guitar (1, 5)
Mike Mahany: Maracas (10)
4962 CD Tim Woods The Blues Sessions

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Tim Woods: Guitar, vocals
Eric Noden: Guitar (1, 5,), harmonica (7, 9)
John Primer: Guitar (2, 3)
David Honeyboy Edwards: Guitar (4, 7, 9), vocals (4, 7, 9)
Big Jack Johnson: Guitar (6, 8, 11)
Bobby Lee Rodgers: Guitar (10, 12)
Aaron Moore: Piano (2, 3)
Bob Stroger: Bass (2, 3)
Terry 'Big T' Williams: Bass (6, 8, 11)
Shannon Hoover: Bass (10, 12)
Allen Batts: Keyboard (6, 8, 11)
Ike Stubblefield: Keyboard (10, 12)
Kenny Smith: Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
Lee Williams: Drums (6, 8, 11)
Jeff Sipe: Drums (10, 12)
Michael Frank: Harmonica (4)
Joe Craven: Violin (10), vibraslap (10), bongos (12)

4963 CD Grady Champion Back In Mississippi - Live at the 930 Blues Cafe

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Grady Champion: Lead vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar (6)
Eddie Cotton Jr: Background vocals, Guitar (electric & acoustic)
Marquis Champion: Background vocals, bass
Calvin Wilson: Background vocals and arrangements, keyboards and Hammond B3
Frank White: Drums (except 8)

Xavres Good: Drums (8)
Jacktown Swiff: Rap (6)
6901 CD Jutta & the Hi-Dukes On The World Beat

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Jutta Distler: Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Terran Doehrer: Kaval, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Zoi Doehrer: Drum Set, Tupan, Vocals
Velizar Shumanov: Accordion (2, 3, 8)
Peter Bartels: Cornet, Flugelhorn, Saxophone (1, 4, 7, 10, 11)

Steven Hart: Tuba (1, 4, 7, 10, 11)
CD Travis Haddix Signs of the Times
3802 CD Travis Haddix Knee Deep In The Blues
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3803 CD Travis Haddix Shootum Up
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3804 CD Travis Haddix Old & Easy
3805 CD Travis Haddix Milk & Bread
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3806 CD Travis Haddix Company Is Coming
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3807 CD Travis Haddix Blues From Staghorn Street
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3808 CD Travis Haddix Mud Cakes
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3809 CD Travis Haddix Mean Ole Yesterday
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BK4940 Book David Honeyboy Edwards, Hardcover The World Don't Owe Me Nothing
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